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Neil Hughes

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Neil lived with terrible anxiety for years.
But now he worries less.


The Shop Before Life

before being born, everyone chooses who to be

Today the Shop is serving:
a magical jar enthusiastically attractive


More than 340,000 people have watched Neil's helpful & hilarious TED talk about anxiety

Neil speaks entertainingly on many topics, from mental health to building a satisfying career, and at events of all sizes, both in-person and online.


> NEIL has been developing SOFTWARE since the 1980s
> when he would excitedly type PROGRAMS
> from magazines into a ZX SPECTRUM +2
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Neil is not currently available for coding work

helping people be funny

😁 as well as performing his own standup, Neil is available as a comedy consultant to help add jokes to your speech

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misusing his education

Perhaps surprisingly, Neil is a qualified physicist 😯

He mainly uses his masters degree for:

  • 🍮 talking about custard more than is strictly necessary
  • 🤔 pub quizzes
  • 🗣️ winning arguments

Best equation: Schrodinger

Worst discipline: Thermodynamics

telling two truths & a lie

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Neil Hughes...
  • ... once lived for months in an abandoned swimming pool changing room in a desert
  • ... once experienced hallucinations due to altitude sickness
  • ... has sung for the queen


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